BoxxDocks +Bike dynamically and effortlessly integrates with all moped and bike platforms, reducing wasted shipping space and plastic whilst maximising strength and longevity.

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BoxxDocks’ +Bike enables your B2B and B2C fleet to expand their carry capacity and maximise the volume you can deliver, all while being compatible with existing fleets.

And yes, we hope to make your life a lot easier...

Expand your fleet

BoxxDocks +Bike is the last box you will need in your fleet. Designed any B2B and B2C payloads, the +Bike will allow you to expand existing customer bases and minimise repeated journeys.

Easy Installation and use

With one universal attachment, installation of the +Bike is rapid and reliable, getting you back on the streets as fast as possible.

The new industry standard

One solution designed for all B2B and B2C market cases, allowing you to maximise each delivery route and open the possibility of products shipped.

Lighter products

Our smart box product line on average saves 11% in plastic volume (compared to our leading competitor) provides our clients with in-transit fuel savings up to one gallon of fuel per day per van while in operation and extending ranges of EV van fleets.


Carbon saving

Our recycled PP gives 80% carbon savings, Carbon Trust data, compared to virgin PP. These recycled materials (including PP) have been certified for use with the Carbon Trust’s “Lower Carbon Label” certificate.


Recycled Plastics

Ethically sourced and responsibly reused UK based end of life repurposed plastics.


Whether you want a product demo or want to understand how the design of the +Bike can seamlessly integrate into your existing logistics line up feel free to Contact us here.

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