BoxxDocks Tags

Smart & Scalable QR Tracking

Low Cost

BoxxDocks Tags are low cost and scalable, and have been design for asset identification for high volumes of units.

Seamless Integration

BoxxDocks Tags can easily be retrofitted into your existing logistics operation or be embedded into new attest.

Unique ID

Each BoxxDocks Tag is unique and easily Identifiable, providing assets with a “Fingerprint” that can be tracked down and verified.  

Digitise your supply chain

BoxxDocks Tags enable you to digitise all aspects and assets across your supply chain at scale. Retrofit or embed BoxxDocks Tags to give your assets a unique and identifiable “Fingerprint” that I used to track and monitor location, user, status, and history.

QR Boxes

BoxxDocks Orbit enables you, manage all elements of your logistics operation in one place on a simple and intuitive interface. Map and colour coordinate all your drop off and warehouse locations, onboard your van driver fleet and operational staff, and monitor all of your online and offline assets.

QR Bags

See your operation on an interactive real-time map enables you to capture a global snapshot of all your totes, pallets, and sacks any whereon the planet. Visually identify the status, time, date and who scanned your assets and their operational history.

QR Pallets

BoxxDocks Orbit’s powerful 3D map tools enable you to see, pan and interact where your assets are in 3D space to an accuracy of 4m. While dynamic pin clustering removes clutter maps interfaces and enables you to clearly seethe assets you want to find.

Water Resistant

BoxxDocks Tags are waster, washer and rain resistant and can be used in outdoors in any weather condition.

Long Lasting

Track and trace individual boxes along your pick and pack conveyor line, optimise sorting and automation routes.

Scratch Proof

BoxxDocks Tags have been designed for long lasting use across any operation and are scratch and wear and tear proof.

Easy Install

BoxxDocks Tags can be delivered in rolls for an easy installation or embedded into new Boxes, Bags or Pallets.

Whether you want a product demo or want to see how BoxxDocks Orbit can seamlessly integrate into your existing logistics operation feel free to contact us.

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