Incentivising Sustainability and Net Zero Across Supply Chains

We are building the pre-eminent global platform for logistics companies to track, monitor and provide environmental reporting and operational insights that enhance the bottom line and reduce carbon impact.

Visibility and Governance

Visualise your shelf supply chain from beginning to end and monitor every operational person across it. Provide accountability and custodianship at the box, bag, pallet and van level.

Inventory loss reduction

Reduce inventory loss and theft through tracking your operation in real-time at the granular asset to asset level.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Incentivise your supply chain to switch to reusable and recyclable assets for transportation by closing supply chain leakage and reducing plastic waste through tracking your operation.

SDG Goal 12

BoxxDocks is committed to SDG goal 12 “ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns”.

Whether you want a product demo or want to understand how our decarbonising solutions can seamlessly integrate into your existing logistics line up feel free to contact us.

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