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Our vision is to become the pre-eminent global leader in environmentally engendered shipping solutions for the current and future logistics sector.

80% Reduced Carbon Impact

Our high-grade PP plastics are ethically sourced in the UK from automotive Shredder Residue (ASR), a mixed plastics stream derived from scrapped cars, resulting in an 80% carbon saving compared to virgin PP, according to Carbon Trust data. Our ELV PP material is certified for use with the Carbon Trust's 'Lower Carbon Label'.

Fleet Fuel Savings

Our Smart Boxes are the lightest and most robust tote boxes available today. With an 11% weight reduction compared to competitors, our customers can save up to 1 gallon of fuel per day during transit (based on a fully loaded van).

Pooled box fleet

Our pooled box fleet allow you to readily replenish your broke, lost or damaged boxes, while we handle the recycling and re injection of new boxes into the box pool.

SDG Goal 12

BoxxDocks is committed to SDG goal 12 “ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns”.

BoxxDocks black

At BoxxDocks, we actively source and manufacture our boxes using low-carbon-impact plastics, fully recycled and made in the UK. Our sustainable approach includes not using synthetic dyes or colouring resins. That's why our boxes come in our natural and sustainable colour of BoxxDocks Black.

Whether you want a product demo or want to understand how our decarbonising solutions can seamlessly integrate into your existing logistics line up feel free to contact us.

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