Welcome to the future of  automation for logistics operations.

We are building The all in one logistics Platform

supply chain Visibility

Visualise in real-time where your assets are, monitor their routes and reduce supply chain leakage with our smart tags and interface. 

AI Powered

Reveal and visualise your hidden supply chain behaviours and incentivise your teams to implement more efficient solutions.

Ops Management

Predict and schedule procurement cycles, reduce carbon impact through route optimisation and cut operations costs.

Building the future OS for Logistics operators

BoxxDocks Orbit represents the next-generation operating system for logistics operators, providing a unified platform that integrates all aspects of their logistics operations in one place. It's designed to streamline processes, enhance visibility, and foster collaboration across the entire supply chain ecosystem, close supply chain leakage and provide in depth insights to each and every operation.

AI insights

BoxxDocks Orbit AI enhancement delivers actionable insights that empowers logistics companies to make data-driven decisions, visualising hidden operational inefficiency. This feature analyses patterns and trends within the supply chain, optimising operations for efficiency, reducing costs, and improving service delivery.

supply chain Autonomy

BoxxDocks Orbit promotes supply chain autonomy by automating decision-making processes, from inventory management to asset tracking, routing and next generation POD. This autonomy ensures that operations are more resilient, responsive, and adaptable to changes in demand or unexpected disruptions.

Routing optimisation

With BoxxDocks Orbit, routing optimisation becomes highly sophisticated, ensuring the most efficient paths are chosen for delivery, reducing delivery times, saving fuel, and significantly lowering operational costs, all while improving environmental sustainability and Net Zero targets.

Data rich Reporting

BoxxDocks Orbit's comprehensive reporting tools provide logistics operators with deep insights into their operations. Customisable reports on performance metrics, financials, and operational efficiency enable businesses to continuously improve and adapt to the evolving logistics landscape.

Whether you want a product demo or want to see how BoxxDocks Orbit can seamlessly integrate into your existing logistics operation feel free to contact us.

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