BoxxDocks Cloud, Endless Control

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BoxxDocks Cloud is the world first real-time box fleet tracker and inventory manager. Automating procurement cycles and providing sustainable reporting.

Optimisation across your box fleet



Predict and schedule procurement cycles, reducing operation and unforeseen costs.

pooled box fleet

Pooled Fleet

Reduce the number of boxes you need when not in use and increase your box inventory during peak times, freeing up valuable real estate and warehouse space.

Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Visualise in real-time where your boxes are, monitor their routs and reduce supply chain leakage with our smart tags and interface.  

One Dashboard. Endless control

Visualise in real-time your box metrics, manage your fleet, automate your procurement cycle and decarbonise your supply chain all in one platform.

Real-Time Visuals

The portals interactive real-time map enables you to capture a global snapshot on where all of your boxes are.

Sustainability reporting

Manage and report your carbon related metrics in one place: plastic consumption of your box fleet, distance travelled by each box, weight savings and our recycling scheme.

Whether you want a product demo or want to see how BoxxDocks Portal can seamlessly integrate into your existing logistics line up feel free to contact us.

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