Transforming Logistics In Real Time With Advanced Data Insights

the Real time operational insights Platform

Cost Savings

Close supply chain leakage by identifying where assets and inventory are going missing, providing key date and time reporting to prevent loss.

Enhanced Visibility

Gain real-time visibility and granular control over your inventory, assets, teams, and fleet at any given time on a powerful 3D Map.  

In Transit Security

Boost product security, utilising GPS tracking and photo evidence for safety and monitoring in transit.

One Dashboard: Endless Control

BoxxDocks Orbit integrates advanced logistics management functionalities into a streamlined, intuitive interface. Enabling seamless asset tracking, driver fleet integration, team and location management.

Granular Track & Trace

See your operation on an interactive real-time map. Enabling you to capture a global snapshot of all your totes, pallets, and bags globally. Visually identify the status, time, date and who scanned your assets and their operational history.

Close Supply Chain leakage

Prevent theft and inventory loss through BoxxDocks Orbit’s live map. Easily isolate and filter where your asset’s last seen locations were, and who currently has them, enabling you to recall and flag items that are needed for collection.  

Asset Management

BoxxDocks Orbit enables operations and management teams to quickly assess how many assets they have under control. Manage their unique ID, track where they are and who has them.

Team Management

BoxxDocks Orbit enables you to track and manage all of your team members, warehouse staff, drivers and vans across your supply chain on a simple and intuitive platform.


Onboard all your warehouses and drop off locations on to a live map. Filter by location type and begin to isolate where assets are and were last seen.


Track and trace all assets along your pick and pack line, optimise sorting and speed up automation.


Onboard, track and monitor each vehicle on BoxxDocks orbit and begin to manage their status, location and usage.


Track and visualise all assets on route to your customer, reduce losses and provide more accurate delivery times.

Whether you want a product demo or want to see how BoxxDocks Orbit can seamlessly integrate into your existing logistics operation feel free to contact us.

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