BoxxDocks Mobile

One app for all Operations


Scan your BoxxDocks Tags on any of your assets. Toggle between single and multi-scan modes for easy of use.


Provide operational security and proof of your assets condition and status through photo evidence.


Tag the status of your assets in operation providing a granular break-down of your operation in real time.

Download and Go

Designed for ease of use, rapid deployment and minimal user training, BoxxDocks Mobile is available to use across iOS, Android and all handheld scanners.

QR & BLE Scanning

Enable users to scan, tag and flag the status of each of our assets on a simple and intuitive interface. Toggle between single and multi-scan modes for any use case. Identity box QR ID’s, BLE beacon signals, number, date& time, location scanned and who scanned each and every box.

Real-Time Mapping

See all of your scans on a real time map. Visually identify the status, time, date of your scans and monitor your operational history anywhere.

Photo Evidence

Provide photographic evidence of the boxes at collection and drop off, and their physical state, monitoring tampering and damaged shipments.

Asset level Granularity

Scan, tag and flag the status of each and every asset with a simple click of a button. Keep track of your assets scanned that day with a detailed breakdown of time, date location and photo evidence.

Connect anywhere, anytime

A global asset tracking tool; BoxxDocks Mobile works anywhere on in the world. Connecting global supply chains and partners together through a single application.


Deploy BoxxDocks mobile into your operations team to manage assets and  inventory, provide evidence of last seen locations, and keep track of who is in control of your assets at any given time.

Inventory Control

Keep track of all of your operation with BoxxDocks Mobile, enable all operational teams to keep track of your assets and gain a global snapshot of what’s going on in your operation.

Van & Fleet

Van and delivery drivers can leverage BoxxDocks Mobile to provide accurate location drop off and photographic evidence of delivery all while providing the status of your assets in operation.


Flag and track return items and assets with BoxxDocks Mobile, provide proof of pick up and condition with photo evidence and locations of where and when items were collected.

Whether you want a product demo or want to see how BoxxDocks Mobile can seamlessly integrate into your existing logistics operation feel free to contact us.

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